Jokowi Wears Keraton Surakarta Traditional Attire on Indonesian Day

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2023 – 10:46 WIB

Jakarta – The Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) took part in a series of ceremonies commemorating the 78th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday. 

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Every year, the President always wears traditional attire in celebration of the Republic of Indonesia’s anniversary. This time, President wears traditional clothes from Surakarta,

“Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng. From the Surakarta Palace,” Pesident Widodo told reporters at the Merdeka Palace on Thursday. 

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The outfit is usually worn by the King of Pakubuwono Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace in the Enggar Eggar Soko Tedhak Loji event, which means the moment when the King comes out of the Palace by riding a horse-drawn carriage, followed by palace officials to see firsthand the condition of the kawulo / community.

HUT RI ke-78, Presiden Jokowi Gunakan Baju Daerah Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng

HUT RI ke-78, Presiden Jokowi Gunakan Baju Daerah Ageman Songkok Singkepan Ageng

Photo :

  • Biro Pers Sekretariat Presiden: Laily Rachev

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Along the way, the King distributes money and food as a sign of love to his kawulo or what can be called turuba (down to the bottom).

The Head of State revealed that he did not have a special reason for wearing traditional clothes from Surakarta. According to him, he must wear traditional clothes from the western to the eastern tip of Indonesia.


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